Melissa Wells is a community advocate, labor leader, and financial security specialist. She is a proud resident of Charles Center, and a longtime advocate for neighborhoods in the 40th District.

As a member of the Baltimore Washington Building Trades Unions, Melissa works with Baltimore's underserved communities. She helps residents— including  women, youth, and returning citizens— find apprenticeships and secure family-supporting careers that provide the stability we all deserve.


Over her career Melissa has worked with federal, state, and local decision makers to bring resources and investments to the 40th district that benefit families across the economic spectrum.

Just and fair inclusion, as well as access to financial security for the most vulnerable are key principles that guide Melissa. Whether it was in successfully establishing a pre-apprenticeship program that connects residents in Baltimore to middle-class construction careers, promoting equitable development in the Port Covington community benefits agreement, or helping to secure funding to expand public transportation services for communities in Baltimore, Melissa has achieved real victories by putting those principles into action.



Melissa knows that creating opportunities for all Baltimoreans to participate in building stronger communities and a more inclusive economy is the only way to ensure a brighter future for Baltimore.